#Ferguson – Fight or Flight?

#Ferguson – Fight or Flight?

What should an officer do when he confronts a young man that looks and acts just like other violent criminals that have committed many unthinkable acts in the past?

What should a young man do, who’s been cornered by law enforcement, knowing that these encounters have historically ended in shame and harm for most of the people he knows?

Should the officer take it easy on him, tucking away the gun and calmly try to talk to a young man too defensive to listen?  Or should the officer pull out the weapon, ready to pull the trigger in case the youngster goes ballistic before trying to escape?

Should the young man try to run away, hoping to avoid another unjust beating or framing?  Or should he just unleash all of his emotions on the officers, not caring about the outcome because it doesn’t matter how he acts, he’s going to get brutalized anyway?

When you’re faced with great opposition, do you fight it, or run away?

We know a young man with his hands up was gunned down by the police recently in Ferguson, Missouri.  Now tension has risen around the United States among both police and citizens, particularly those of color.  This means more people are more likely to be more aggressive toward officers, or are more likely to stay as far away from them as they can.  Cops, aware of the increased hostility, are more likely to stay away from troubled areas where they may be targeted, or they will use force to avoid harm (as you can see from the tear gas and flash grenades).  WHAT’S THE CAUSE?  …Fear.

If people, citizens and officers, took the time to understand each other they could work together to ease tensions.  Remember, it’s perfect love that casts out fear.

There is a time to fight and a time to run.  Experience and Godly discernment will help you know which you should do.  Pray and ask God for wisdom to get it (James 1:5), then you won’t have to learn as much the hard way.  🙂  But if the time is to fight, it’s most important you fight with a Sword (the Word of God).

What do you fear?  What great opposition faces you?  Do you fight or run away?  Leave your comments and prayer requests below.  🙂

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