4/22 Daily Dagger

22 04 2014

Seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness… then you will find what you need.

4/20 Daily Dagger

20 04 2014

This 4/20 Jesus rose & went HIGH to get those who GET HIGH to have a CONTACT with the MOST HIGH.  Happy Easter!

4/19 Daily Dagger

19 04 2014

If GOD SENDS YOU, HE WILL GO AHEAD OF YOU.  Follow Him, not another.  You will know His voice.  (John 10:3-5)

4/17 Daily Dagger

17 04 2014

The Word of God is LIKE a SEED. Sometimes it must take root in your spirit & grow b4 the harvest. Don’t let the enemy take it away w/ doubt!

4/13 Daily Dagger

13 04 2014

Even if you’ve SOLD YOUR SOUL to the devil, the BLOOD Jesus shed on your behalf has POWER to SET YOU FREE!

Encourage a friend who feels bound without hope.  New life can be found in Jesus Christ.

4/12 Daily Dagger

12 04 2014

When they see YOUR good deeds they glorify your Father in Heaven. Be a good example.

4/10 Daily Dagger

10 04 2014

BLESS the LORD 4 all his BENEFITS: 4GIVENESS 4 ALL sin, HEALING of ALL disease, SAFETY, CARE, MERCY, GOOD GIFTS & NEW LIFE! – Psalms 103:2-5


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